Funky Staff 

Funky Staff FUNKY STAFF brand was a change maker when it was founded in 2014:the first T-shirts, made by Italian specialists for Pronto Moda, presented on bright red hangers, were a bestseller within a very short time . The starting signal for the owner couple Kerstin and Uwe Bernecker to form a business from the T-shirt idea. The success went into series production: no sooner were other products such as trousers or blouses and shirts by FUNKY STAFF on the market than they were sold out again. In 2017, FUNKY STAFF experienced its first upgrade. The quality of the materials and workmanship has increased significantly, but Uwe Bernecker still managed to keep up the high tempo. FUNKY STAFF was unique: Always on the pulse of fashion, with little risk for retailers. A mix of short-term orders and stock offers convinced several hundred dealers in a very short time. But that's not all: FUNKY STAFF became friends with its retail partners: whether it was social media training, help during the corona pandemic or a unique network ofcelebrity friends of the brand, who create social media buzz around the latest designs: With its dynamic Corporate concept, FUNKY STAFF sets new standards in the cooperation between brands and multipliers. We LOVE FUNKY STAFF's innovative corporate concept and their use of high-quality materials to set new standards in the fashion industry.


Place Du Soleil

Place du Soleil is a clothing fashion brand from The Netherlands. Andrea has been designing her own collections for a small audience for years. Once started as a hat maker, she quickly found herself in a shop in Haarlem and internationally at fashion fairs in Duesseldorf, Paris and New York.